About Special Kids

Special kids are lifelong developmental disorder that emerges in early childhood. It affects the way a person communicates and limits his/her ability to relate to others in a meaningful way, develop friendships, show signs of affection, appreciate cuddles or understand other people’s feelings. Because the severity and variation of symptoms, the disorder is often referred to as Autistic Spectrum Disorder or ASD. Autism affects more children than cancer, cystic fibrosis and multiple sclerosis combined. One in every 250 babies has autistic spectrum disorder. The condition is four to five times more common in boys than in girls.

Discovering your child has autism can be a very slow process and is likely to be very upsetting for the whole family and friends. The disorder doesn’t always emerge with the same symptoms and occurs earlier in some special kids children than others. The way most children react to situations or other people will develop as they grow older and enjoy playing games and mingling with other children. Most children would find it very difficult not to make friends or receive affection from those they hold dear.

However, some children don’t seem to want to do these things and appear distant and aloof. It’s as if they are not aware of their physical surroundings. These children find it difficult to verbalize or communicate their needs and tend to display repetitive and other odd behaviors. In severe cases the child doesn’t speak at all. Such children lack any awareness of others and show a disinterest in social situations. These are the common characteristics of autism.

Children with special kids autism will display very different symptoms. The severity of these symptoms will also differ from child to child. All special kids children with autism will display characteristics of impaired social interaction, impaired communication and social skills and delayed language development or absence of speech. They will also have a restricted range of interests and activities. A number of children will show severe symptoms and will need special care for the rest of their lives.


Treatment of Special Kids

There are no global guidelines for the treatment of autism, nor is there a consensus across specialties on the treatment of the autistic spectrum disorders. As there is no cure for autism, treatment focuses on improving the child’s development and behavior by using customized treatment plans and programmes. These target the developmental strengths and the weaknesses of the child and yield the best results if they are started as early as possible. As there is no single approach to treat individuals with autism, treatment tends to consist of developmental, educational and behavioral programmes complemented by medication to target the child’s specific symptoms.

Alternative Treatment for Special Kids

To be more effective and potential in treatment, Chinese Master using traditional medical systems originates from China 500 years ago. The effectiveness and good result of Neuron acupuncture treatment for autism has been proven by many of Chinese physician in the world. Chinese Mater is one of them. He shows the good result in Malaysia. Many of autism patients in Malaysian had meet him for autism treatment. Some of the autism patients also come from others country to meet Chinese Master fro autism treatment.

Even acupuncture Chinese Master also using secret herbs that plant in The Tole Garden. Chinese Master has to confirm the herbs quality that provided to his autism patients. Good quality herbs can help to treat the autism more efficiency. Herbs are generally safe and increases strengthen and tone the body’s system. The correct herbal therapy may be an experienced provider knowledgeable in herbal.


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